Is A Squarespace Website A Good Idea For A Restuarant In Naples, Florida?

Is a Squarespace website a good idea for a restaurant in Naples, Florida? Possibly, but not certainly for sure.

Owning any business in Florida does tend to be a good idea if you like making money. The state is the nation’s third-most populous, so there’s a consumer base for just about any kind of business. When you consider that it’s also a destination for retirees and tourists, as well as international migrants, there’s plenty of money coming in and getting spent. In fact, it’s a rare place where economic demand seriously supplants the incomes generated, so business is largely good from Tallahassee all the way down to the Keys. Hence a good website or PPC bidding would attract more customers to your business.

Restaurants do well, particularly in a place like Naples, Florida. People have to eat. It’s a necessity of life, and something most folks do multiple times a day. Some might have just one big meal per day and snack the rest, but they like treating themselves to that one meal. Restaurants mean they don’t have to cook or shop for groceries, saving them time. In fact, given the volume buying restaurants can do, eating out is sometimes cheaper for consumers that doing their meals.

Running your eating establishment in Naples is great for how many diverse client groups you can draw in. You might become a local favorite for families as parents look for an easy way to feed the kids without having to be parents and cooks at the same time. Working professionals might fall in love with your lunch specials or know you to be a good place to unwind at the end of the day. Retirees might wind up hanging out to see friends and be out in the world, social and active. With the right location and reviews, you might even become known as a place that those traveling through should visit while there.

Your location, menu, and atmosphere will go a long way in building up loyalty among your regulars, but you still need an online presence to capture the attention of those that have never walked in your doors. At the very least you can put your address, phone number, and menu up. Even better though is optimizing for local search, since so many people look up businesses on their smartphones and then wind up choosing one and spending money with that business less than a day later. You need a website for that. You should have both desktop and mobile versions of your website, for that matter.

Squarespace is a website provider that can host websites for you with unlimited traffic. On top of that, they offer 24/7 support, enterprise-level security, and even e-commerce options should your Naples restaurant start selling gift certificates, gift boxes, or even food items. You could even set up a delivery service or an online portal for to-go orders that people pick up when they swing by.

On top of all that, Squarespace can do website design, and they also have analytical tools that let you find traffic, optimize your site, and boost your conversion rate through the site created and hosted. All in all, they offer a very comprehensive set of services that should cover everything you need online.

The simplicity and convenience are perks that you should consider, but having everything all in one place doesn’t automatically mean it’s cheaper overall as a bundle. That’s especially true if there’s certain parts or services you might not need or you know where to get them cheaper somewhere else.

Our History Is Our Legacy

The DNA of First Congregational Church was there in the beginning, among that small community that followed Jesus more than 2000 years ago. It was there in the Reformation – a protest movement against the abuse of authority by church leaders and in the discovery by Luther and Calvin of the Bible’s teaching that salvation is not earned, but is a gift. It was there in the rich histories of the Congregational, Christian, Evangelical and Reformed churches that ultimately formed the United Church of Christ in 1957. And in more direct ways, it was there in the American Missionary Association (A.M.A.), an ecumenical group of abolitionists, missionaries and former students of Oberlin College, some of whom had earlier engineered the very first Christian anti-slavery movement in History (the Amistad Episode), as they, following the end of the Civil War, took on a new challenge by sending missionary teachers and clergy into the south to educate the recently freed slaves.

Among the more than 500 schools established throughout the south, including the six A.M.A colleges and other Universities was the Storrs School located on Houston Street near Piedmont Avenue. It is out of this school that First Congregational Church was born. With this history steeped in struggles for freedom and a propensity to stay the course, while simultaneously embracing new methodologies, the church throughout ten pastorates has endeavored to serve God by serving others.