Our Future

Our Future Is Our New Legacy

The future Legacy of the First Congregational Church will be a continuation of the best of its traditions. First Congregational Church will remain a “downtown church.” We exist at the intersection of four vibrant forces for good in the world: the African American Christian Church, a vibrant international city, a world class university (Georgia State University), and through the Women and Children’s Shelter, an internationally renowned institution which works for human rights and provides humanitarian aid (CARE). Now, we seek to establish a New Legacy which will have a lasting impact throughout the city, the US and the world by our alliances and relationships in new and yet unknown sectors.

As an expression of our fourfold heritage and our membership in the United Church of Christ, we are committed to the causes of social justice, equality and reconciliation. First Church will continue to bear witness to God’s presence in the world through its work in education, local and global missions and artistic expressions. We are becoming what we have been for 140 years and much, much more.